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Students of KIIT College of Education, Sohna Road, educate the women of Kherla village about the recycling process and use of e-waste. The students said that in today’s era, life can be made successful by managing the garbage and other waste items of factories and houses.

Nowadays, the environment is being harmed as a result of garbage flowing out of factories and inefficient domestic waste management. The process of recycling waste material is used to reduce environmental pollution by allowing it to be utilized in another form and it is called Waste Management. It’s worth noting that India only has the capacity to recycle 30% of home waste.

Neelima Kamrah, Registrar of KIIT College of Education, said, “Controlling and recycling E-waste is a difficult task. E-waste comprises a variety of components and metals, which emits the hazardous fumes that harms the rag pickers and environment. Students are the real brand ambassadors of “Swachhta mission”, if they are aware then society will become aware as well.”

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