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A year of lockdown has been really tough for all of us. Amidst all this losing mental peace, jobs are the key factors that are hampering everyone’s life everyday. Since then, many men and women have lost their jobs due to pandemic. However, working mothers have been affected drastically in the past one year, as managing home, kids and family while working remotely has been a daunting task for them. Resultantly, many women either lost or quit their jobs to manage their families. However, now these moms are finding it challenging to restart.

Looking for the right job opportunities post a professional break, right skill sets to get there, moms are seeking guidance from experts to rebuild their careers. From home chef opportunities to upskilling and working in a corporates, there are a handful of startups that are guiding, upskilling and grooming mothers to make a comeback.

So, this Mother’s Day, say Thanks to your mom and encourage them to restart. Here are the few platforms that are extending a helping hand towards mothers who are planning a professional comeback:


JobsForHer is a platform that enables women to accelerate their careers by connecting them to jobs, community, mentoring, reskilling, inspiration and networking opportunities. JobsForHer’s vision is to reverse the female brain drain from within the Indian workforce. JobsForHer expanded its commitment to accelerate women’s careers in India by enabling women to start, restart and rise in their careers. From women who have never worked before but bring a world of experience to the table from their life experiences, women who took a break to look after their families, to women who are driven, ambitious and focused on rising in their careers. JobsForHer is the only platform in India that is committed to their professional success, no matter their life stage.


Daalchini is India’s first 24/7 instant snacking destination that provides affordable, and healthy snacks, home-style meals to corporate professionals through IoT-enabled ‘phygital’ (physical+digital) vending machines. The platform offers entrepreneurial opportunities for micro-women entrepreneurs through its franchisee. It has 150-plus franchisees/partners. More than 60% of its partners are women. Daalchini has 16 cloud kitchens in Delhi, nine of them being run by women entrepreneurs. Daalchini also has partnered with 20+ D2C F&B Brands to be their  distribution channel. The platform helps home-makers, freelancers to become Daalchini franchise partners and open their smart-shops with vending machines, smart-fridges, it further helps them to get all the licenses, set up their supply chain, and provide technology to manage it remotely.

Imarticus Learning:

Understanding the criticality of 2021, Covid-19 have affected careers drastically. To cope up with the situation Imarticus Learning, India’s leading professional education firm offers training in Financial Services and Analytics to working professionals. The platform has been offering placement oriented upskilling courses and is particularly targeted at the ones who lost their job during pandemic or otherwise keen to upskill themselves. Imarticus offers its learners professional certifications and job placement opportunities that sculpt the workforce of the future to meet the current industry demand. Upskilling is making its way to the forefront as companies trek deeper into their employees knowledge and to meet the demand  Imarticus Learning is providing it’s unique teaching methodology, for their vast course catalog that encompasses meticulous training in cutting-edge subjects such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Web Development, and many others. Imarticus Learning aims to mold highly skilled employees for various industries, functions, and job roles.


UrbanClap is recognized as the fastest-growing startup in India. Most importantly, it is a mobile marketplace for local household services that provides equal and exciting opportunities for all women. Through this platform, women can monetize their skills and knowledge by offering classes, training sessions or guidance to interested candidates and also get paid for it. It also helps individuals in terms of leveraging their skill sets and creating wonderful business opportunities from it. UrbanClap has also  announced the creation of its new brand, Urban Company. The new umbrella brand captures the company’s ambition to be a horizontal gig marketplace, with a global footprint and leadership position across service categories like Beauty & Wellness and Home Repairs & Maintenance.


Sheroes is a social networking app dedicated exclusively to women. Through its app and website, it aims to build a community of working women dedicated to supporting the cause of women in the workplace. It helps both newcomers and returnees to the job market with resources and mentorship, and curates corporate jobs, temporary assignments, and flexible and work-from-home opportunities. Sheroes also offers corporate enterprises access to a unique range of products and seminars, including sexual harassment and diversity hiring programs.

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