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According to BNEF data, EV sales have grown rapidly over the past decade, but this growth has been highly uneven, with sales in major markets like China and Europe excelling while sales in other regions progressing slowly or not at all. EV sales exceeded expectations in 2020, increasing 67% from 2019 levels and now with the assistance of innovation and the need for clean energy sources, the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment has accumulated momentum in recent years.
With the rising trend in the number of startups in the EV space in India, the segment is getting a lot of traction. Industries like Mac Auto India, Omega Seiki Mobility, Okinawa, Zypp are already serving with the EV services for the betterment and conservation of environment.

Mac Auto is one of the pioneers and a leader in the manufacturing of Electric Rickshaws, Electric Carts, Electric Scooters, Electric Cycles and their parts and accessories in India. Established in 2014, the company is recognized as a full-service EV solution provider with an endeavor to become a leader in the Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage industries. Mac Auto’s products such as Electric Rickshaw Model- Mac 900(launch year-2016) and Electric Cart Model- Multi Utility Ecart (Launch Year-2018) are ICAT certified (International Centre for Automotive Technology) by the Government of India.
Within a short span of 7 years, Mac Auto has positioned itself as an Electric Vehicle company having patented technologies and state-of-the-art design capabilities to contribute to environmental sustainability. In addition, the company is also expanding its product portfolio by entering into the vehicle segment of low-speed Electric2-wheeler (2W) and high-speed Electric 3-wheeler (3W) with the latest technologies.

OMEGA SEIKI MOBILITY represents speed, agility & capable leadership. Founded in 2016 and backed by years of capability in creating precision engineering solutions, Omega Seiki Mobility has become synonymous to India’s sustainability success. Our experienced engineers and an agile workforce bring data to design, and analytics to automotive – to build the science behind mobility’s solutions. We now aim to be the leader in India’s clean energy ecosystem — electric, solar and renewable.
At OSM, clean energy issues are solved end-to-end on technologies put together by the best and most capable minds in the world. In mobility — currently our key sector — we offer a unique Li-ion battery that adapts to temperatures between ~60°C and sub-zero; it runs 100km on a single charge.

Okinawa Auto tech Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% Indian electric two wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2015 with a mission to create two wheelers that can drive our present towards a sustainable future. In the automobile sector, while making a purchase, people are more concerned about the mileage. Other than that, they are also more inclined towards durability, safety, security & the latest technology. Keeping these value propositions in mind, Okinawa Electric Scooter brings one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive technologies, that you have ever seen in the Indian EV market.

Zypp Electric is India’s leading last-mile delivery EV startup, founded in 2017 with a mission to make India carbon-free by using electric scooters. Zypp Electric tried and tested some good business models to make their journey to the great business model of making carbon-free last-mile delivery for local merchants to e-commerce giants. The company currently delivers groceries, medicines, food, packages from point A to point B through their fully automated IoT and AI-enabled scooters which are low on maintenance and high on performance. The tech tracks batteries that can be replaced at Zypp swapping stations which are installed at key touch-points. Eco-friendly deliveries reduce the carbon footprint and help to make the city pollution-free. Currently, it has over 1500+ Zypp Pilots (delivery executives) working towards this miss

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