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Let It Wag, a unique crowdsourced platform for animal rescue from Mumbai announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help feeders feed strays during and post lockdown across India. With a community of 15000+ animal lovers and 12000+ downloads, Let It Wag is building a strong community for animal rescue and adoption.

Started in 2017 by Yash Sheth, Let It Wag serves as a platform to save/help injured/helpless stray animals in need anywhere across India. The platform connects users to a relevant person/resource in real-time within a 5 KM radius using geolocation tagging. Other than that, the app also serves good samaritans to find help for animals in need, raise funds for veterinary action, foster homes and adopters, report abuse and missing animals.

Let It Wag offers additional opportunities for pet parents to find help for queries, network with a community of pet lovers and owners and also helps NGOs to facilitate pet adoption and rescue through events, adoption document agreements.

The organisation has successfully helped 5000+ animals & birds and facilitated 50+ adoptions and fosters till date with member posts and reports being added daily.

Talking about the app, Yash Sheth – Founder of Let It Wag, says “It was started as a platform for all pet/animal related information to generate timely response through a network of samaritans. Today we are accessible in every city in India and with more internet access, we are hopeful to bring all stakeholders under a single platform for all animals. We are different from community groups on social media as geotagging allows rescue/foster attempts to be made in real-time within a 5 KM radius. The good efforts of people in animal rescue needed a one-stop destination for creating effective impact and timely action, and we are glad to have been able to build one for them.”

He also adds,” Let It Wag has been sustaining currently with the founders’ funds and tried crowdfunding earlier where we could not raise funds needed to develop the platform and are trying to raise some more funds to make it a full product to be used across the globe. Take the example of Australia bushfires, where an app like this could help rescuers call for immediate help where they spot injured animals from local residents/rescue workers within seconds. We are facing the greatest threats of animal deaths from climatic and human actions and it is our duty to bring a service that doesn’t cost anything to help an animal across the globe. We are hopeful to build an army of rescuers and fosterers to help save animals from danger. ”

Available on Android and iOS, Let It Wag aims to reach every corner of the world where animals are neglected, left injured on the streets due to unavailability of timely help from those who can. They have been awarded the Rex Karamveer Chakra recently.

For more information: https://www.letitwag.in/

For donations: https://bit.ly/LetItWagDonate

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