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The book by Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali based on the truthful words of life, mentions excerpts from his younger days. His experiences have been shared with readers to inspire the young generation for moving forward. Amid these challenging times of global pandemic hovering our lifestyle, minds and physical health; the potential of each individual has undergone several trials and tribulations. It does not matter if tasks are accompanied with restraint; the confidence must not be deterred. The ability to move ahead when life pulls you down, people and situations around you are conflicting in nature is crucial.

The importance of confidence in life and strong will has given author his own little triumphs. One such being the moment when SCL Foundation and its members climbed the Hampta Pass of the Himalayas Valley to attract the attention of Indian denizens towards pertinent social issues. Social issues like dowry, caste reservation review, education, health and employment were highlighted to bring into attention of important policymakers and highest ranking office of the nation-PMO.

The author being a young Social Activist and National Panelist on National Issues in Prasar Bharati, and presently a CFO in one of the reputed technology service provider company has been at the helm of ideas and information. Being associated with National Broadcasting Association of the nation, has given the author an edge. This is reflective in the nuances portrayed throughout the book.

Title of the book Zindagi Free…or Sensitive speaks volumes about the core values it is based on, precise thought has been put as per the sections mentioned in it. The author’s experience at national media houses of the country as well in public forums makes the book a read for variety of corporate professionals, policymakers, spiritual leaders, young entrepreneurs and for all who have an incessant zeal to create milestones in their life with meaningful work.

The book is ageless in terms of its rich resource for understanding the past, present and future of social issues to which author is deeply attached. These issues have been deeply ingrained in our Indian society since immemorial times in multiple dimensions. History has been unfurling distinct facets of these issues and will continue as society and people’s values will be formed.

All in all this written piece will be a refreshing one, a valuable handbook for college libraries, corporate training sessions, spiritual sessions, motivating peer groups, and at multiple places wherein the goal is to assimilate values of dexterity, iron will and confidence among the stakeholders involved. A light- read for all regardless of their professions, the book brings the right kind of reinforcement in the strongest element of Indian society, beaming with potential i.e. ‘the youth’.

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