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Lord’s Mark Industries has launched the ‘The Hygiene India’ initiative. It will invest 100 Crores in the expansion of the same. The Initiative is to highlight the importance of preventive wellness among the general masses. Through its health and hygiene e-commerce platform-The Hygiene India, LordsMed, the healthcare vertical of Lord’s Mark Industries is offering a holistic range of healthcare, personal and home hygiene products. Produced from natural ingredients and based on indigenous expertise, these products aim to promote best hygiene practices among people and ensure their good health and general well-being.

Launched under three brand names- SafeSehat for healthcare, Markosafe for home care and Safelite for sanitary pads- the products have been curated by LordsMed. The current product portfolio of the company comprising 8-10 products under each brand category is planned to be expanded to 25-30 products in the near future. These products would include baby diapers,condoms, bamboo products and travel hygiene kits. Moto is to have essential hygiene kits (Male hygiene kit, Female Hygiene kit, Daily Hygiene kit, Travel kits etc)

In order to underscore the importance of good personal hygiene and preventive healthcare, Lords’ Mark Industries launched the ‘The Hygiene India’ campaign in partnership with Radio Mirchi across 7 Indian cities. The tagline of the campaign ‘Sehat Se Samjhauta Nahi Karega India’ emphasizes on the average Indian citizen not compromising with health and making hygiene an indispensable lifestyle habit. As part of the campaign, the company is in plans to unveil 22 healthcare and hygiene products. These comprise healthcare and hygiene essentials like cough syrup, Memory enhancement, toilet cleaner, Disinfectant and dishwash liquid.

“Integrating healthy living and clean personal hygiene in our daily lives is key to preventing illnesses and living a disease-free life. Through our indigenously developed homecare and health product range, we reiterate our commitment to ensuring that every Indian has access to advanced and affordable hygiene and healthcare solutions, our motto is to provide sustainable and eco-friendly product in long run” stated Mr. Sachidanand Upadhyay, Founder, Lord’s Mark Industries Pvt Ltd.

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