Saloni Gandhi, Founder, The Pen Project

Saloni Gandhi is the founder of The Pen Project. She is a dynamic leader with game-changing ideas that drives The Pen Project to deliver the finest Public Relation solutions to her clients. Being a Brand Strategist, Public Relations and Communications Specialist, over the years, she has learned the importance of pivoting and delivering value. Her robust knowledge of the media industry and strong affiliation with the Corporate and Lifestyle sector make her a master of her trade. Her strategic counsel assists companies to articulate their brand story by integrating their core values, curating unique content and engaging in different marketing programs. Saloni Gandhi is a firm believer in “Learn as if you were to live forever”, this makes her relentlessly follow her passion, learn new things daily, and implement the learnings both in her personal and professional life.


It is no secret that press coverage can yield tremendous mileage for startups among its stakeholders.

To create traction in the media or as we call it ‘PR splash’, it is important to first and foremost create a cohesive brand strategy. One of the best techniques is to write down the headline you want in advance and make variations of that to suit every business dynamic: it may be funding, recruitment or generating customer leads. Write the headlines you want to see and then capture the key messages that you would like to include in the article and finally power it up with proof points to back your article. Most importantly, do away with the jargon.

Another integral part of Public Relations is Storytelling. While crafting the story for your brand make sure to specifically define the solution to your business problem. Pen down the gap the brand is solving with its product or service in the market.

So, has your startup mapped out its brand story?

For instance, one of our clients is an HR Tech Startup involved in AI-based recruitment. We created a compelling story angle incorporating the company’s core messaging and connecting the dots with the hiring situation in India. The media response was simply phenomenal. The story was so new and original that it gained tremendous traction. We strategically aligned the story with a prominent publication and thereafter many publications carried the story. Through our media roundup, we generated over 100 impressions across media outlets and social media platforms, thanks to high digital adoption. We followed this up with an opinion article suggesting how AI can filter and secure recruitment at the fastest pace possible.

In the Public Relations industry, we often say “media begets media”. It simply means that if you secure a story in a prominent publication, it can be used as leverage to garner additional coverage. And if the story starts trending, other media outlets follow suit.

For another Tech Startup client of The Pen Project, we successfully linked the client’s core message to the country’s mission of robust cyber security policy. A series of articles were published to demonstrate the startup’s expertise in the domain. The relevance and promptness got many eyeballs for the Tech Startup. An excellent example of Public Relations at its best. Here the media blitz strategy worked in our favour by using the policy framework as a launchpad for our client.

Strategize, guide and execute Public Relations in such a manner that it will springboard the company’s presence in the media and compound its credibility.

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