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New-age financial technology firms have devised novel ways to bridge the gap between these two vital sectors of the economy, whether by developing a platform to assist banks in faster data verification or by offering a full suite of services, including a savings account, to provide an end-to-end one-stop solution.

Here’re such companies designed to service small businesses:

Save Solutions:

A pioneer at offering financial products via kiosk banking across India, Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the country’s largest Business Correspondent Networks. The Bihar-based company is focusing on giving access to Financial Products via kiosk banking and customer service points (CSPs) to rural and semi-urban unbanked citizens. Owing to its dedication to innovative financial solutions, Save Solutions is the Business Correspondent Company of choice for big names in the banking sector like the State Bank of India, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Jharkhand Rajya Gramin Bank, and Baroda UP Bank.

It is the brainchild of Ajeet Kumar Singh, Pankaj Kumar, and Ajay Kumar Sinha, who envisioned a company that offers all Banking and Financial Products under one roof to rural and semi-urban people. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to delivering high-quality financial services through a dedicated network of CSPs across said demographics.


It is a fintech lender on a mission to provide hassle-free working capital loans to small businesses in India. Its technology-enabled platform is well-equipped to offer credit in a fast and hassle-free manner. Due to their low-ticket size requirements and the need to physically verify details, small businesses remain extremely underserved by lenders, since operating costs limit profitability. Larger lenders prefer not to focus on this segment and informal lenders end up charging very high interest rates of 48-60% per annum.

Through their proprietary ZipScore (machine learning-based risk assessment), lean operations and unique co-lending model with leading banks and NBFCs, we are able to provide business loans of upto INR 10L at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional lenders and in one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry, while maintaining favourable unit economics.


Ahmedabad-based FinTech startup Lendingkart is in the working capital space. Lendingkart has special MSME loans and SME loans for businesses looking for quick finance in the country. These loans are approved through an online process which helps in speeding up the financial vehicle delivery. Lendingkart also allows several customizations to its financial products that are said to make them ideal for competitive business environments in the present times.

Lendingkart is a non-deposit taking NBFC providing SME lending in India. The company aims to transform small business lending by making it convenient for SMEs to access credit easily. Lendingkart uses technology and analytics tools, analyzing thousands of data points from various data sources to assess the creditworthiness of small businesses rapidly and accurately.

Aye Finance:

Aye Finance is a new-age finance company providing business loans to small and micro enterprises across India. It aims to address the problem of lack of adequate and timely credit and efficient underwriting systems that supply credit to micro-enterprises by enabling financial inclusion for micro-enterprises through tech-based processes to build credit insights. Also, Aye’s proprietary “cluster-based credit assessment” methodology allows it to make lending decisions in the absence of traditional business documentation and prior credit history.

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