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In the hymn drum of life, we come across a lot of moments that make us overthink and feel frustrated. A 2021 study conducted by the University Of Michigan found that 73% of people within the age group of 25-35 chronically overthink.

In a pioneering move, MindPeers, India’s first holistic science-based mental wellness platform, has launched a neuroscience game, ‘My Clear Sky’, that can help users tackle overthinking and anxious thoughts.

Contrary to popular opinion, games can have a long-standing effect that goes beyond just entertainment and distraction. They can serve as an excellent outlet for creative expression, and venting and make for a healthy escape. Earlier this year, Mental Health Foundation UK conducted a study and found that three in five gamers (60%) report that gaming improves their mental health.

Mindpeers’ new game is a revolutionary step within the health tech space and promises to help its players find clarity of thoughts, write what is worrying them and feel empowered. As the name suggests, the game helps you clear your sky, i.e. your mind with an interesting two-step journaling and self-exploration segment. Clinically speaking, when we disclose our emotions/ thoughts: we are able to verbalize, which engages our neocortical functioning, thus making it possible to look at the situation from a less exaggerated perspective, process what is happening, and feel lighter. You can access the game exclusively on the Mindpeers app along with 100+ free resources and recommendations to experience and take a step closer to becoming mentally stronger.

Commenting on the same, Kanika Agarwal, Founder, MindPeers said, “In our endeavor to make mental health qualitative, accessible, and most importantly credible, we today have reached our first milestone in the world of neuroscience with games – a healthy engagement that allows positive behavioral changes.”

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