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India’s first patented Multi-Modal Public Transport App, Tummoc went live in six different cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, Kochi and Jaipur in the last two months. Currently, the app is witnessing a footfall of over 40,000 daily active users from these cities and Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad which were launched earlier. Furthermore, in Bangalore, Tummoc offers digital BMTC bus passes.

Tummoc primarily focuses on major metro cities where the adoption of public transport is higher. By providing first and last-mile connectivity options and easy contactless ticketing options for all public as well as private modes of transport, Tummoc aims to help users to find routes and plan their journey without any hassle.

On expanding services, Hiranmay Mallick, Co-founder & CEO  at Tummoc said ”Each of these cities has a high number of daily commuters. Our services will help in saving the time of regular commuters by making ticket booking easy and affordable. We are getting a positive response from these cities and our user base has jumped up significantly. We are also planning to add a total of 30 cities by the end of the year, in addition to implementing ticketing/pass booking systems.”

Tummoc customer support is available on WhatsApp, emails and calls to solve the queries and issues of commuters. Thanks to digital passes, users won’t need to carry cash. To provide complete assistance to users, on-call support is being provided by the platform.

Recently, BMTC monthly passes on Tummoc also added a “Flexi” feature that allows users to enjoy date-to-date validity.

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