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Mumbai Angels, a leading platform for early-stage investments, has onboarded x10xventures, a venture investments and advisory platform, as Partner for The Co-Investment Program. While both entities will jointly invest in high-potential businesses, The Co-Investment Program will also offer selected startups a chance to raise their next round of funding from Mumbai Angels, whilst also providing unrestricted access to Mumbai Angels’ Multiplier Program, which is an exclusive marketplace for its portfolio companies.

Nandini Mansinghka, Co-Founder and CEO of Mumbai Angels, said, “We are pleased to welcome x10xventures as our latest partner for The Co-investment Program. Given that both portfolios have similar startups that we have backed in the past, it’s safe to say that our investment ideas and perspectives align. We believe their strategy and way of operating will help onboard a promising league of startups for our program and we look forward to working with them to reach greater heights.”

“We have two thoughts with respect to the reader’s investing journey that might increase their time and energy savings: call on the services Mumbai Angels offers, and do not let the notion of an inverse association between the size of your wallet and exposure to a specific asset class get in the way of superior Stress-Adjusted Returns. We are grateful to the ecosystem for their kindness and support, and are humbled by the opportunity to collaborate as Co-Investment Partner with one of India’s leading angel investing platforms,” added Rishabh Dugar, Co-Founder + Chief Managing Director, and Sanyam Dugar, Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer of x10xventures.

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