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Savitri (name changed) has been happy taking care of home and children, but life changed forever when she got COVID-19 during the peak of the second wave earlier this year. The 35-year-old mother of two was treated for COVID-19 for 14 days but had to soon go back to hospital after recovery as she developed the dreaded mucormycosis or black fungus. Coming from a modest background and aware of the long-term, expensive treatment it requires, her hopes for life were almost dashed, but thanks to a novel initiative by leading city-based ITes solutions provider NAV BackOffice, Savitri is now on her way to recovery.

This year, NAV BackOffice has launched a unique campaign to extend humanitarian assistance to people affected in any way by COVID-19. Titled ‘Hum Layenge Khushiyan’, the campaign aims to leverage the 1500-strong employee base of the company and was rolled out across Jaipur. An amount of INR 60 lakhs has been earmarked for this campaign in which each team will donate money or goods to people to support them in education and medical expenses, among others. The campaign presents a unique, decentralised model of giving back to the society through the employees of NAV BackOffice who get INR 4000 each and decide on the cause they want to work for.

The donation to carry on Savitri’s treatment, expected to incur a total cost of INR 1,500,000, is being made by multiple teams at NAV BackOffice. Till date, 5 teams have contributed a total of INR 1 lakh 79 thousand for her treatment. The donated amount helped Phulera resident Savitri to undergo a required surgery and avail life-saving injections. Besides, the medicines, including liposomal injection and cresemba, are also being bought with the help of money donated by NAV BackOffice. More teams are coming together to raise the rest of the amount and continue to support Savitri in this journey.

Thanking the teams for their contribution, Savitri says, “When I was admitted in hospital with COVID-19, I had no idea that it may become such a serious health complication. The infection spread to my brain and even after I recovered and discharged, I started developing signs of mucormycosis. Due to my modest family background, I was almost hopeless of living again and was constantly worrying about my daughters, aged 5 years and 2 years, and their future. With the help of NAV BackOffice’s contributions, all of us can think of a life together again.”

“We came to know about Savitri’s story through the crowdsourcing platform Ketto and were moved by her condition. We were also very concerned about the future of her two daughters as we were coming across too many incidents of COVID orphans – our hearts were full thinking of them. Therefore, we contacted her and enquired about her requirements. We aim to fulfil the entire medical expense,” says Shubham Jain, senior manager, NAV Backoffice.

“COVID-19 has taught us the real value of life. I am very glad that our employees have come together to help her and, in the process, her family as well. We are confident of being able to meet her requirements and many others. We wish to continue the efforts in the coming months as well,” says Mr Anil Agrawal, Managing Director, NAV BackOffice, Jaipur.

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