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COVID-19 presented a turning point for digital and social media adoption. Entrepreneurs stepped up their individual and their organisation’s communication with accelerated use of social media. While this may have been triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, the adoption has since gained further momentum.

New age entrepreneurs have finally begun to leverage digital and social media platforms to their full potential to build trust across corporates, pivot their product, or reimagine their relationship with employees. Here is a list of new age entrepreneurs using the power of social media:

“Social media helped me communicate with the external world, especially during the COVID19 times. With most of us locked down at home, my LinkedIn and Twitter account connected me with my colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders.Social media is informal and helps me build a sense of bonding and trust with my audiences. I also read social media and follow a few people to gain insights into my industry, and it is a good platform for knowledge exchange.At agribazaar, we encourage employees to participate in social media. It is effective and helps you build an authentic persona. Being a direct medium, I enjoy the warmth and cordialness in my interactions”said Amith Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, AgriBazaar

“In an age where social media presence speaks volumes about a brand, it is essential for new age entrepreneurs to carry out active communications through their personal accounts. Clients are attracted by human connection and staying active on social media can not only help in fostering a valuable connection with them but also helps in staying ahead of competitors. While the emphasis is on establishing leadership and expertise in the industry, it also helps in talent acquisition. When building a personal brand on social media, entrepreneurs also establish themselves as trustworthy brand ambassadors for the company and effectively communicate about the brand to a larger audience” said Roma Priya, Founder, Burgeon Law

“The internet, and more specifically social media, has allowed the entire world to connect. As long as you have an internet connection, you can literally connect with billions of people all around the world. Establishing a brand on social media is critical for all businesses; especially for startups, gaining followers on social media can help build hype for a launch of the product and increase the chances of people hearing about your business early on. Social media is one of the best places to share the story of your entrepreneurial journey. Being open about what you are doing will not only attract other entrepreneurs but is also a great way to attract customers and fresh talent for the company.” said Alankar Saxsena, Co-Founder & CEO, UCS Wellness says,

“In the last 5 years, a very big paradigm shift has happened, as users have moved away from a physically connected community to a digitally connected community and social media is the highway for everything from e-commerce, new hires to new customers. We also understood the same early on in our KareXpert journey. KareXpert is leveraging these channels to create trust and transparency by directly connecting to customers, prospects and solving their concerns online. Prospects want to hear about the company and its solution and support services on social channels, so we need to make sure we are present on all social channels. Moreover, sharing information/USPs on social channels is very easy and convenient. We are on a digital healthcare transformation journey that can not be traveled without being present online.” said Nidhi Jain, Founder & CEO, KareXpert.

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