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To help and support people and children going through mental agony due to relationship and broken family issues in their life, Dr. Saurav Das a social entrepreneur with ventures like My Retired Life Foundation, Zetta Women, launched a new organization called “Soul’s Connect” a 360- degree platform to address mental health, support and wellness related issues of married, unmarried couples and kids from broken families.

On the occasion of the launch, Soul’s Connect conducted an insightful webinar “Healing Relationship Blues” to throw light on the pressure cooker lives of people. A group of very talented professionals, along with Dr. Saurav Das, Ms. Aditi Sinha, Internationally recognized clinical psychologist and psychotherapist also a Well-known Life Coach and Child Counselor, Ms. Anaida Parvaneh, Holistic Healer, Artist, Musician, and chef. Mr. Piyush Punj Ex- Commissioned officer, Indian Air Force formed an interesting panel at the webinar for a discussion on the impact of break-ups and divorce on the mental health of men, women and kids of separating parents, successfully dealing with depression, traumas, and related topics.

Commenting on the launch Dr. Saurav Das, Founder- Soul’s Connect said, “After my separation last year, I realized the trauma of loneliness can break a person in no time. This platform is based on my own experiences and my life and is backed by the expertise of numerous people who form the heart of Soul’s Connect. This lockdown period made me think about Soul’s Connect. Our objective is to help men, women, and single parents move to the next level of a better life. Children from broken families are an integral part of Soul’s Connect too. ”

Following a break-up and the ensuing loneliness, both men and women find it extremely difficult to cope up with life and seek companionship in various forms to talk their heart out with someone, but mostly they are unable to connect with anyone due to lack of understanding, trust, inner turmoil, age-gap, etc. On the other hand, Children from such broken families, especially when they are in their formative years, experience inner turmoil, and develop behavioural issues in their later years, as young adults, or adults. Warring parents are rarely in a position to understand the effect of their bitterness on their child/children. Pre-marital breakups in youth also have a deep impact on individuals. Lack of trust in the opposite gender, a skewed view of the opposite gender, are some of the issues they encounter in later years.

Recognizing signs of depression after a breakup and getting help for this condition can lower the risk of complications. If left untreated, this can also take a toll on your physical health. Soul’s Connect creates a platform for people to connect in a non-judgmental, neutral, unbiased environment so that they can express themselves freely, without any inhibitions.

At the panel discussion, Anaida Parvaneh, Holistic Healer, Chef, Musician said, “More than wanting to be known people want to be understood. Everybody has their ups and downs in one way or the other. Healing happens from within and through themselves. To achieve a higher quality of life, experience happiness, and contribute positively to society. Every individual needs to break mental chains that imprison them and support anyone who they know is going through such a phase. Practice self-love and remember you are always one Decision away from feeling better

Sharing her expertise Ms. Aditi Sinha Said, Internationally recognized clinical psychologist & psychotherapist “Each individual is different. Relationship disputes affect both the genders positively and negatively. Some time it is very ok to vent your feelings, it’s ok to take a break to rejuvenate. Somewhere we all are living for others but it’s important to take time for yourself and speak out and take someone’s help. Also, I would add that never hesitate to visit a professional. It is never a stigma and therapy should be taken as a necessity.”

Soul’s Connect aims to help people to enhance their mental health, via a series of counselling and Healing session along with fixing financial and legal matters associated with separations. Soul’s Connect’s sole objective is to help people move on for a better life, hold their hands, and show them the path ahead.

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