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Nupur Recyclers, a leader in metal scrap processing and recycling, has partnered with Go Green Enviro, an ESG consultancy firm, to lead ESG practices that are integrated into the company’s internal operations, as well as assist the company in Decarbonization, earning substantial carbon credits and achieving net-zero emissions over time.

Go Green Enviro will play a key role in identifying innovative projects and partnerships, developing go-to-market strategies for Nupur Recyclers’ sustainability service offerings, and assisting in the development of future-proof businesses in the areas of sustainability with an equal focus on ESG initiatives. The company’s efforts will be directed towards developing an effective ESG framework compliant with the BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting) format. Nupur Recyclers has been contributing to the environment with its varied initiatives, from afforestation to the setting up of EV charging points to encourage electric mobility adoption. Go Green Enviro will help further accelerate these initiatives with a focus on social impact.

Delhi-NCR-based Go Green Enviro is an independent consultancy firm offering high-tech services in the fields of ESG, Sustainability, Carbon Credits, ISO etc. With over 10 years of experience in Sustainability, Decarbonization, GHG Emissions, Environmental Footprints. Go Green Enviro has been associated with companies like Coca-Cola, DLF, HCL, Triveni, etc.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Rajesh Gupta, Founder, Nupur Recyclers, said, “We are delighted to be associated with Go Green Enviro. Our alliance today reflects our shared values of sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives. We are confident that experts from Go Green Enviro will play a significant role in steering our various ESG initiatives in the right direction as well as in guiding us in our efforts towards socio-environmental responsibility. We are committed to expanding our footprint in a sustainable manner and enhancing our efforts to promote eco-friendly behaviour among our people—employees, partners, and customers—through corporate and individual initiatives.”

A representative from Go Green Enviro, stated, “We are excited to join hands with Nupur Recyclers, a company with a strong vision of significantly contributing to the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life and the environment. We’ve been working with various companies and helping them achieve their goals for more than 10 years, and now we are excited to share our vast experience and help stimulate Nupur Recyclers’ growth trajectory. We are looking forward to working for the betterment of the company in order for it to reach new heights while making meaningful contributions for the natural and social environment.”

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