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Nutritionist Madhavi Sharma launches her nutrition calendar titled ‘Parampara’. This comes at a time when a new paradigm shift is required in the way we perceive food, and how it impacts our health.

India is a diverse country; each culture has its own indigenous culinary wisdom that gets passed on from one generation to another as an oral tradition. This is a time when we need to be even more vigilant about what we eat, how we eat to stay healthy and boost our immunity. People are inundated with a plethora of information about fad diets. If all this has contributed to anything in our lives, it is the tsunami of health concerns like weight gain, low immunity and communicable diseases.

When planners / organizers are being used by people to make day-to-day lives smoother, ‘Parampara’ (which means the succession of knowledge from one generation to the next), is a planner designed to offer a month- wise guide to Indian traditional food wisdom based on various seasons.

Parampara, an annual calendar, unearths the deeper connection between seasons, festive rituals, food choices and health. It’s not just easy to refer to, but also reiterates the science and common-sense approach towards food. In simple words, it would become a part of one’s life. The lengths to which people are willing to inflict torture upon themselves in the name of ‘weight-loss’ is appalling. Fearing food, dreading festivities, fasting for long hours, feeling guilty about eating tasty food, seeking permissions for ‘cheat meals’, holidaying at detox retreats have become the new normal – which isn’t healthy!

Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator Madhavi Karmokar Sharma, Founder of Informed Health, said, “As a nutritionist, it’s my mission to reach out to the maximum number of people in order to spread the knowledge of simple and sustainable eating habits. Living by this wisdom and implementing these practices in our daily life will automatically improve not just our health, but public health at large. I am always eager to devise simple ways to communicate this knowledge in more modern and creative ways.”

“Natural, seasonal vegetables, fruits and other recipes, easily home-made meals, offer some of the simplest, yet tasty and healthy diets for all Indians,” added Ms. Sharma. “The planner can be with you year-long and orient you to the foods of the season, the changes in season and its impact on your body. It’s not a book that you read and keep away. It is a daily organizer that you use every single day of the year for a simple approach to healthy eating.”

Parampara will help each one to revisit the native oral tradition of food wisdom amidst the loud noises propagated by the profit-driven food giants. Available on www.informedhealth.in starting from today and on Amazon thereafter.

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