Outsourced Software Development: A boon for startups

Navin is an experienced finance and accounting (F&A) operations specialist with 20 years in the outsourcing industry. He has strategically led the development of several workflows, reconciliations, process re-engineering, operations management tools, and setting up greenfield operations like Payroll and Financial Research.   We live in the age of startups. Globally, more and more start-ups are being established every day. In a nutshell, the reasons are simple, high potential and unlimited possibilities. One way or another every startup delivers a unique selling proposition. However, there is significant pressure on startups to prove to the market and investors that they have a solution to real-world problems. As in this fast-changing and competitive world, businesses are expected to offer better solutions today than they did yesterday.  Digital entrepreneurs are drawn to the thought of bringing their business concepts to life through one sector that changed the way businesspeople purchase services: software development outsourcing. Because outsourcing providers already have all the necessary resources – people, processes, and equipment to complete the task, outsourcing speeds up movement and decision-making for startups. This helps the startups’ clients by increasing productivity and providing better service. By 2023, Statista estimates that the global market for IT outsourcing … Continue reading Outsourced Software Development: A boon for startups