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PFH in collaboration with Yes Germany organized a week-long seminar for students in India in Delhi- NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai on study work & making a career in Germany. Prof. Dr. Ing. Richard Degenhardt and Elisa Oxe of PFH were presented as chief guests. The objective of the seminar was to inform students about the courses, eligibility, jobs and life in Germany and what students can do if they want to study abroad. Around 800 students participated to meet German professors, out of which 100+ students have been awarded scholarships in many courses like UI/UX design, E-mobility, digitalization, automation, etc.

Seminar provided a platform to students and parents to get a holistic understanding of courses available in Germany. Prof. Dr. Ing. Richard Degenhardt and Elisa Oxe answered students’ important questions such as challenging processes of studying abroad, like what university is best for me? What subjects or programs can best fit my career aspirations? How much does it cost to study abroad and the process of getting a job in Germany? In that seminar, 50 Students successfully secured their seats in PFH.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Richard Degenhardt said “It was an exciting week for us and students as well in India. It’s always exhilarating to talk with young minds and listen to their thoughts about their future. UI/UX design course, E-mobility course & digitalization and automation are admirable courses among students, and we are glad we were able to give them insight about these courses. We covered many important areas such as application formalities for foreign education, testing the genuineness of universities, bank loan procedures and fee structure for study abroad.

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