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Recently, film actress Sayani Gupta commemorated her birthday by partnering with Azah -the revolutionary feminine wellness brand for women, and kicked off a Sanitary Pad distribution drive in rural Haryana. This distribution drive was carried out among the young girls of Government Girls Senior Secondary School Ghamroj, Haryana. Recently acquired by Powerhouse91 -the fast-growing E-commerce aggregator, Azah takes this inspiring step right at the grassroots to make lives of menstruating people less challenging.

In India, about 23 million girls drop out of school every year due to periods. Approximately, 1000 pads were distributed among 100 girls. Acts of goodwill like such aid in tackling obstacles created for menstruating individuals and has determined Azah to distribute period essentials to girls and encourage an uncompromised better lifestyle.

“It’s incredible what Aqib and Shashwat are doing with their brand Azah and it’s not just a sanitary pad company, but also has long term goals and dreams about women’s health and hygiene. I jumped at the idea of getting these organic biodegradable pads to these girls and encourage them to be aware of their own menstrual health so they can in turn spread the knowledge. And only through a collective effort of public private partnership, we can one day ensure menstrual safety across the country.” said Sayani Gupta.

Shashwat Diesh, co-founder at Azah and Powerhouse91, shares his two cents on the same, “It is unfortunate that even in this day and age, something as basic as a sanitary pad is not accessible to a majority of the menstruating population in India. At Azah, we firmly believe that proper menstrual care should be considered a basic right for all women and are driven to do our bit towards reaching that goal.”

After Powerhouse91 acquired Azah, the brand has further accelerated towards achieving its goal of improving to quality of feminine hygiene and wellness among Indian women. With the added support of Powerhouse91’s E-commerce prowess and access to shared resources & cross-brand synergies, Azah will continue to expand its presence both in terms of channels as well as different product lines.

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