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India has encountered a number of brilliant minds in the sphere of technology revolutionizing the medical industry through AI and SAAS. In recent times, a large number of artificial intelligence and SAAS based startups have emerged and have flourished and India is already among the top countries in the field of healthcare. These platforms provide solutions such as HIMS, EMR/EHR, Telemedicine, CRM, referral management, etc.

Here is a look at some of the prominent Healthcare SAAS based platforms revolutionizing the medical industry:


With the aim to make access to quality healthcare a reality for everyone, Reliance Jio-backed KareXpert is India’s first SaaS-based digital healthcare platform providing AI-enabled, cloud-based, Mobile-first solutions for the hospitals. The company offers pre-integrated stack to hospitals (Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, LIMS, RIS/PACS, Pharmacy, Connected Ambulance, Advanced BI, MIS, e-Claim, Inventory & SCM, Queue Management, Counselling, and Branded Mobile Apps) through its comprehensive range of state-of-the-art applications which is designed to bring 10x patient experience, reduce operation costs, and increase revenues. It’s technology has already been implemented at some of India’s best hospitals including Mahindra Group, Reliance Foundation, and 100+ large/medium hospitals facilities, etc., and within the next 5 years; KareXpert aims to digitally transform 100,000 hospitals creating the largest Health Cloud of the World.

ABI Health

ABI Health is India’s leading healthcare SaaS platform with more than 500+ hospitals and labs in its network. ABI provides RCM and Smart Diagnostics solutions to healthcare providers across Asia and handles 45 Million samples a year and caters to cashless business for more than 50k beds. ABI is one of the first healthcare companies to have deployed RPA and AI-based applications commercially in the healthcare world to scale.


Athancare aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing modern day technology to the doctors for smoother day to day operations. Their vision is to make Doctor-Patient interaction much more fruitful and interactive. Built on a Saas platform, Athancare wants to preserve the traditional way of practice by only helping doctors to make it better using technology.


Incepted in November 2019 with its digital platform launched in April 2020, MediSage is a healthtech start-up empowering doctors to stay up-to-date with curated medical content with the motto “for the doctors by the doctors”. MediSage aims to keep doctors abreast with the latest medical knowledge, global best practices, case based discussion. Doctors can stay up-to-date through webinars, expert videos, medical conferences, journal articles, podcasts, chat casts, among other easy to consume formats. Doctors can simply sift through the vast repository of content created by global and national experts, carefully curated by MediSage, to improve patient outcomes through accurate diagnosis and best-in-class treatment. Focusing greatly on easy-to-understand expert videos, the platform intends to become the ‘Netflix for Doctors’.


Innovaccer is a provider of a cloud and AI-based patient health data analytics platform. The product is used in healthcare centers for population health management. The company has developed a data activation cloud-based platform to collect, analyze, and provide insights on patient health. It provides multiple solutions like virtual care networks, remote patient monitoring, SDOH management, and others. Other solutions include surgery optimization, CRM, referral management, and more.

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