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With every single day Artificial Intelligence Technology is transforming and enabling people to rethink how we integrate information. It is giving opportunities to many startups to make their way in the industry with the help of data analysis and meaningful insights to improve decision making. As we all are aware that AI is the future, many tech investors are continuously keeping watch for all innovative ideas that can turn into reality.

At the forefront of this situation here is the list of most promising AI Startups of 2021 that through their innovation and improving technology are solving problems at a pace never seen before.

ForeignAdmits- ForeignAdmits aims at addressing one of the biggest problems of personalized mentoring for students aiming to pursue higher education and eventually become an expert in their desired discipline of study. ForeignAdmits is a Technology empowered Mentorship based platform with an aim of Generic but Personalised guidance by target university & field specific mentors. Powered by AI & Proprietary processes of Profile Evaluation, Analysis and Application Management we make the whole application process competent, time saving, efficient, transparent, and better in quality.

DrinkPrime – DrinkPrime was started to solve a personal problem – How do we get access to clean, safe, and healthy drinking water? Seems simple, but here’s what we found. First, most of the water you get in plastic cans isn’t fit for drinking. Second, less than 5% of Indians actually own a water purifier! That’s when we realised this was not just a personal problem but an opportunity to help more people. It’s been five years since we started on this journey. Today, more than 1 lakh users in 7 cities depend on us to access clean and safe drinking water!

CultBike.Fit- Cult Bike is a high-end, connected, home fitness platform which aims to integrate different forms of workout and fitness content into a hardware/ product to bring out the best in people. Aiming towards bringing holistic yet challenging workouts in an accessible and efficient format, along with a community to incorporate fitness as a part of our everyday lifestyle.
They intend to create innovation in everyday home fitness, encouraging people to come together as a community and create a sense of togetherness, motivating and inspiring each other towards a fitter and better tomorrow.

Branch- AI-enabled customization based Personal finance startup, Branch is among the world’s leading lenders. Through this finance app borrowers can receive loans as quick as two hours after application without having to worry about collaterals, credit scores and forgoes the hassle of long drawn processes in traditional financial institutes, thus mending the much needed service gap left by traditional lenders.
Using machine learning, Branch has created an algorithmic approach to determine credit worthiness via customers’ smartphones thus enabling a fair, secure and convenient path for customers to build capital and save for the future.

Keka – Keka is an HR automation software directed towards creating an awesome employee experience for employers and their employees across the country by leveraging its potential. The identification of gaps within the HRMS services existing before its inception gave birth to Keka. The leading HRMS in India also announced its global expansion recently- To take the world by storm with its Indian roots.
Keka believes that any company can become from ‘good’ to ‘great’ by adopting an able support system to fuel its growth. Its features reflect the same assistance. Focused on relieving HR professionals of their mundane and repetitive tasks, it releases new features every month to aid in achieving its mission.

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