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The pandemic has fast tracked a plethora of innovations in technology and mobility domains. Proxgy is one such technology that combines hardware, software and service innovations to make virtual teleportation possible. The platform enables users to live visit any car showroom from home, in an interactive and live experience.

Proxgy has partnered with multiple renowned car brand showrooms including Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Skoda, Tata Motors, Volkswagen and Volvo. Users can visit, inquire, shop and request for a test drive for any of these car brands by live visiting their dealerships on the Proxgy android app. Proxgy lets users connect with assisted sellers and experienced sales executives at these car dealerships in a real-time, live and on-demand manner. The assisted sellers and sales executives are empowered with Proxgy’s proprietary smart helmets which provide the end-users a 360 degree 3D interactive viewing of the showroom.

Proxgy smart helmets give users an interactive joystick control and boast a 6-axis triple image stabilization patented technology which lets users experience the showroom as if the users were physically there. Using Proxgy smart helmets, users can now live connect and live visit any car showroom in a virtual reality manner while staying safe and comfortable at their home.

The company is currently running a pilot in the Delhi-NCR region including Gurugram and Ghaziabad.

Proxgy has also started partnering with two wheeler brands and is currently available at Kawasaki and Honda Two Wheelers dealerships in Delhi-NCR.

Pulkit Ahuja, Founder of Proxgy, commented “Proxgy as a service gives users the power to be more productive while saving both time and money. Users can now inquire about new product launches and ongoing discounts on various car or bike models directly from the dealership’s sales executives without having to visit the dealership, see interactive demos of new cars and book their test drives. They can also reserve newly launched cars, live pay for accessories and have them delivered and installed at their home; all this without compromising on their safety or visit experience courtesy Proxgy’s fluidic stream technology using our proprietary StreamScroll™ and UVCI (Universal Video Conferencing Identifier)™ algorithms.”

Proxgy plans to expand this service to other stores, malls and shops where visual experience and assisted sales are important but user’s physical presence is not.

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