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If you also want to do a profitable business with less investment then there is a better option for you. India’s Youngest Founder Mr. Arjun Deshpande’s Generic Aadhaar is a pharmacy business that can be done both online and offline. Let us tell you that Ratan Tata himself has invested in this pharma company which is growing rapidly in every corner of India. Here customers get up to 80 percent discount on all 14 segments of medicines such as Cardiology, Anti Diabetic, Nephrology, Neurology, Nutraceuticals, Antibiotics, Oncology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Gastrologik, Psychotropic & Orthopaedic with a range up to 1000 products of medicines Portfolio, while the shopkeeper gets a margin of up to 40 percent.

Know about this business in detail

Generic Aadhaar gives its franchise to both those who are already running their own medical store or who want to start a new store. The biggest advantage of this is that both the customer and the shopkeeper get the highest benefits in this pharmacy. Large pharmaceutical companies give a maximum margin of 15-20% also some medicines are unavailable. Whereas Generic Aadhaar pharma company gives profit margin up to 40 percent to the Retailers. And customers get up to 80 percent discount on medicines which are Approved Drugs from WHO-GMP facilities.

In this Pharmacy business, the company gives you technical support as well. In this you will also get the benefit of local online ordering which will notify in the nearby generic aadhaar stores location and can get the required medicine at your doorsteps. The company provides you up to 1000 types of generic medicine. Here customers get up to 80 percent discount on medicines. So that there is no shortage of customers. Generic Aadhaar is an affordable alternative to expensive medicines, in which there is no compromise with quality.

When you go to the company’s website. Here you will see the option of Business Opportunity. Clicking here opens the online form for the franchisee. Also, can refer to the Link for knowing and filling the details to know more about the business: https://genericaadhaar.com/franchise-opportunities.php Here you have to send your details like- name, mobile number, email id and city name. Apart from this, for franchise related information, the numbers given below can be called. For this you can contact these numbers for across India franchises. West India – 9653373636, North India – 9653373640, East India – 9653373641, South India – 9653373639)

According to the information available on the company’s website, it aims to open 30,000 retail outlets in the country. The company will reach 300 cities and will open 100-100 retail stores in each city. Apart from this, the company’s focus is also on online pharmacy. If you are looking for business opportunities then you can choose a generic Aadhaar franchise, the corporate office’s mobile number is 9653373639. You can also be mail at franchise@genericaadhaar.com

You will get more than 1000 types of medicines on Generic Aadhaar. The aim of the company is that every poor person of India can get essential medicines at affordable rates. This is the reason why the company is rapidly expanding its branches as the franchise model. So far, Generic Aadhaar has made its reach in more than 130+ cities from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh connecting India through the unique business model. The company is also giving you a chance to start your own business. Whether you are a pharmacist or from other industries. The most important thing is that the company has its own monopoly in this field, that is, you will not have any competitor around 500meters radius area. Know what the founder has to say…

Arjun Deshpande Founder and CEO Generic Aadhaar said.” I observed the real problems made, planned and implemented the Solution with an innovative pharma aggregated business model to help and support the end customer who gets the benefit along with the retailers with 40 percent profits. Thus, it was the rise of a new era in the pharma industry which was a need of an hour in this dangerous covid CoronaVirus Situation for the middle class and underprivileged Families of every corner of the Nation. It’s also a dream come true to work with the living legend and to impress the true business icon Ratan Tata Sir at sixteen of my age. I proudly say now we are on the same Mission for a better India in Healthcare and will take care of our People, we stand with India with a slogan as Generic Aadhaar is for the people and by the People…. arjunconcluded

Generic Aadhaar was started by 16-year-old entrepreneur Arjun Deshpande in 2018 from Thane, Maharashtra. Let us tell you that the Veteran Industrialist Ratan Tata Sir liked Arjun’s innovative idea so much that he invested heavily in this Pharma chain company. Generic Aadhaar is a fast growing and emerging Indian pharma company with a bright future ahead.

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