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Rezo.ai, an AI-powered CX Cloud for enterprises that are transforming customer experience, improving agent productivity, and operationalizing real-time intelligence, today announced the launch of its new offering designed to fuel sales, marketing, and support activities for B2C businesses.

In a highly competitive sales landscape, Rezo.ai carves out a path for businesses to increase top lines, improve agent productivity, and delight every customer. Rezo.ai allows businesses to review 100% of customer interactions, tapping into every customer agent interaction from first contact to resolution. This enables bringing transparency to enterprises, allowing them to understand how consumers are feeling and their major pain points while amplifying their best agent’s capability across the organization.

Fueling sales is powered through Rezo by enforcing script adoption, conversational flow adherence, and protocol compliance, and gaining critical real-time insights into situational factors that may bring down the sales. Real-time insights are consumed by Rezo to assist agents with course correction and provide prompts and suggestive scripts for quick closures/upsell/cross-sell.

So far, the solution has analysed over 21 million minutes in over 30+ languages across multiple channels which is a strong testimony to the interest expressed by enterprises across industries – including insurance, financial services, automobile, and telecom.

Speaking about the impact on businesses, Dr. Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Rezo.AI, said, “Rezo enables enterprises with data packed insights for long term business growth. Our focus is to empower teams to understand their customer behaviour, build personas that can be leveraged to boost sales. Our AI engine also proposes prompts, next best action and ensure enhanced customer experience (CX). In addition, we focus on empowering sales team to understand their customers better, ask right questions and tap on opportunities for 100% conversions.

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