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Growing awareness of cons of plastic and PVC plumbing is convincing people to switch to stainless steel plumbing. When it comes to plumbing, in order to complete a project, it is essential to have strong connections between the pipes. Plumbers, architects and consumers are always looking to complete the plumbing process in the best possible way that too in the cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Earlier, the connection of pipes was entirely dependent on brazing, soldering, and welding which always led to costing extra time, money and training. To this, Rhinox came up with a solution i.e., stainless steel press fittings. Press fittings are known for making the entire plumbing process hassle-free. Press fittings save time and money on skills as well as training. It also helps in enhancing the job safety and job accuracy. The triple press fittings consist of double O- ring with VV shaped grooves and 5 stage pressing. This special profile offers extra- ordinary safety function with double edge. If by any chance the fitting is un- pressed, the sealing ring with a lump allows the outflow of water drop and indicates unpressed location.

The benefits of the special profile VV Press Fittings include high level of durability, high level of hygiene, less requirement of maintenance and cost savings. There are some factors which makes triple press fittings an extra-ordinary choice among plumbers, architects and consumers. Some of them include double anti- pulling force tensile strength, double sealing insurance, no damage from water hammering, strong shock resistance that is especially accommodated for seismic events, strong rotation resistance, long insertion depth & weight that is approximately 80% higher. In addition to this, once the pressing is done the design ensures zero damage from cold and hot changes.

The best part is all the pipes are manufactured using finest grade 316 L surgical stainless steel. The pipes and press fittings are tested in Europe & America and are known for lead-free testing, NSF drinking water testing and high-pressure testing.

Rhinox is a manufacturing company which is referred to as a complete press fitting solution and is the safest option for you and your family. We provide a promise of high-quality and unmatched hygiene.

Mr. Howard L, Asia Business Head, Rhinox at the announcement of New World patent technology Triple (VV) Press Fittings said, “We at Rhinox ensure quality as well as transparency towards our clients as we communicate each detail related to production and sale. We focus on providing competence, reliability and personalized solutions. We believe in delivering high quality pipes and press fittings manufactured using the finest grade 316 L stainless steel. We feel highly obliged that we are able to deliver hygienic, pure and clean water to households as well as the commercial sector. Our key priority and motto is to provide innovative solutions focusing on both quality and cost-reduction. We apply a complete Quality Management System to our stainless-steel pipes and press fittings manufacturing operations.”

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