Clince Varghese, Motivational Content Creator on Trell

Born into a middle-class South Indian family settled in Mumbai, every summer vacation for Clince Varghese meant going to Kerala to visit his grandparents. At a young age, Clince learned from his grandfather, a farmer who, without fail, went to his fields each day to tend to his crops, that the highest form of empowerment is when you add real value to people’s lives. Moreover, Clince also realized that there will always be three stages to reaching this level of empowerment – the first stage is when you do things for yourself, the second is when you do things for your beloved ones, and finally, the last is when you go a step further and create something for the world.

This set the ball rolling for Clince as he began thinking about how he can add value to people’s lives. Having started out as a content creator on India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform, Clince later went on to becoming a Happiness Coach on the same, guiding millions of people through life’s hurdles and motivating them. Clince,on a daily basis uploads a video where he speaks toaround 87.5K followers about a myriad of topics revolving around their day-to-day lives. Today, Clince is a successful entrepreneur, television host, singer, and motivational speaker.

A Jack of all trades and the master of many, he is the recipient of several awards and aims to engage and inspire the world through his energy. There are several young, aspiring entrepreneurs across the country today, looking to carve a niche for themselves in the subject they are most passionate about and wish to create an impact on the world. That said, here are some attributes young and aspiring entrepreneurs must consider honing/developing to reach the pinnacle of success in their journey.

A problem-solving attitude

One of the most crucial attributes or skill set that an entrepreneur has is a problem-solving attitude. For any entrepreneur, a fundamental characteristic that kickstarted their entrepreneurial journey and enabled them to establish themselves is their ability to problem-solve. In most cases, if not all, an entrepreneur, before beginning their journey, would have identified a large-scale problem and worked on creating an innovative, and in today’s world, tech-driven solution to solving that problem.  Problem-solving is an attribute that every aspiring entrepreneur must develop/hone when setting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

A sense of purpose

Before beginning a venture or pursuing anything, one needs to find a sense of purpose in the said activity. For this, it is important to think first – the thoughts can either stem from a belief or a value system. In a typical Indian family, one is taught values, ethics, morals, gratitude, social etiquette, etc., from a very young age. It isn’t that we are spoon-fed these but rather they have been ingrained in our lifestyle for generations. For an aspiring entrepreneur to find their footing and succeed, establishing a purpose will lay a strong foundation for what you pursue.

Find your passion and follow it

This is perhaps something that you may have heard multiple times in any conversation relating to success or a career. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Each person will find their passion at some point in their lives. For an aspiring entrepreneur, once you’ve discovered your passion, pursuing it relentlessly will take you to new heights. Passion coupled with a sense of purpose will shape you into a force to be reckoned with. However, not every idea that captures your attention might be your passion. So, it is best to take time to figure out which one you are unable to let go of and feel a burning desire to pursue, and not rush into it.

Final word

Today, anyone can become an entrepreneur. But to truly establish a space for yourself, you need to create an impact on the world. In today’s tech-driven world, budding entrepreneurs can harness the power of social media and other tools to connect with a wider group of people to create a larger, more lasting impact on them. The aforementioned 3Ps – problem-solving, passion, and purpose, are key to helping you achieve success in your entrepreneurial journey.

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