Role of Data Science in Vertical Farming

Prejith P Pillai is the Founder and CEO of Xploro Technologies Inc. A software development company he founded in 2007 and now serves globally for various prestigious customers. He is an information technology architect and started his career as a software engineer in his own firm. He has 15+ experience in designing the architecture for any complex application out there. Known for his breakthrough technological ideas, also an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and has been guest speaker on entrepreneurship in various institutions like NIIT University, GL Bajaj Institute of Management etc.    Data Science and Farming? What is the relation between them? It is the first reaction when someone hears about this combination. Well, there is a big role of Data in every aspect of our day-to-day life. Let’s first talk about Vertical Farming. Considering the population going up around the globe it is hard to feed them all as per current agriculture method. Vertical farming is an indoor technique to grow plants for agriculture. It uses LEDs instead of sunlight. This type of farming can be done right in the urban area or city which actually decreases the need of transportation and supply chain cost. It saves the water … Continue reading Role of Data Science in Vertical Farming