Dr. Varun Gupta, Executive Vice President, On Sky Global

Dr. Varun Gupta, acclaimed as an Indian Peace Ambassador to spread objectives of UNSDGs; Education Advisor to the State of African Diaspora; a top Educationist and an Entrepreneur who works as an Educator and Entrepreneur with higher learning institutions offering liaisons and consultations to the world of Education and Trade sector. He is known to be a global business and liaisoning consultant. He is also the Vice President of USA based institution named On Sky Global; Chief Operating Officer of Cambridge Career College UK and Director of Pingaksh International Consultants, India.


Before going ahead it is must to understand the real meaning of skill development. 

Life skills are a set of basic values which can only be acquired or immediately gained via real real world experience. These skills help individuals and groups to successfully address a lots of scenarios and issues that are faced on a daily basis. And it’s these skills for positive behaviour and adaptability that enables an individual to easily complete all of life’s challenges and situations. In order to fully exist, one requires them. In general, a life skill is anyone who is useful in everyday life. In regards of schooling, these rules also give students the tools to succeed inside the school and outside of it. Life abilities are essential since they enhance a child’s self – esteem. 

From here we conclude that , a program called as skill development enables learners and working age people to access proficiency, information, and aptitude, and also professional morals and good working mindsets via training skills, the development of pragmatic competence, and other activities related.

Basic skills include characteristics like analytical analysis, artistic and creative innovation, judgement, problem-solving, the ability to cooperate and interact, and a sense of personal and social responsibility to participate to civic virtue.

These basic skills must be made a prerequisite for education in schools since without them, students may find it tough to handle responsibilities in the actual world. As a consequence, this becomes essential that schools are teaching its students these kinds of specific mental, interpersonal, and physical skills in order to be ready them for living happier conditions outside the school. Therefore, it can be said that high curriculum must include these skills. In view of all stated, students will need a variety of skills for the tomorrow. Among them are Work & Entrepreneurship, Good verbal and written communication, Collecting and assessing data, Interference leadership capability, Flexibility and quickness, Working well together, Administration of persons & resources, School Skill Development, Interaction between networks, Finding new approaches to problem-solving through analytical analysis and Talent & Passion. 

The most of schools in India adopt an educational model of education. The most of the times, learning takes place only in classes in schools. In reality, this procedure is less about studying and more about collecting facts. The best way to overcome this problem is to incorporate existence skill development into the educational course. Giving children some options as they move into adolescence gives them the chance to explore and acquire more things than is taught in the classroom and in their books. One further advantage of teaching children skills is that it gives them instant access to freedom of choice. Life skill activities help develop a variety of abilities, including teamwork, curiosity, creativity, reliability, empathy, coordination, assertiveness, and many more. 

Living skills are an essential component of becoming able to cope with the issues of routine day-to-day lifestyles in a constantly changing environment. Over the past five years, the significant changes in the economy have been linked with breakthroughs in innovation. Those are having a bigger impact on household life, the work, and schooling.

Students need to learn life skills, like the able to manage stress and failure, in order to be able to deal with the increasing pace and complexity of modern society. Benefits for the Individual

In the regular lifestyle, children are allowed through the development of life skills to enables them to accept accountability for their actions instead of putting blame somewhere and improve the language skill and also your team and teamwork skills by engaging together and taking part. Besides, it is also important to evaluate various options, arrive to decisions, and understand the reasoning behind all those choices outside the classroom as well as increase the degree of awareness, ego, and compassion for those other people. It is having capacity to manage oneself and deal with problems while being aware of the personal responsibilities. It can enhance their experience and expertise to give them the opportunity to contribute effectively and Educate them for upcoming difficulties, opportunities, and chances in later life. Prepare them for upcoming challenges, difficult situations as well as opportunities in their later life.

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