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RR Kabel, a part of RR Global’s USD 850+ million conglomerate and a leading wire and cable manufacturer in India recently conducted the ‘Wire ka Fire Test’ contest with electricians across India. More than 800 electricians participated from all the regions across states. The campaign winners included electricians from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal, Gujarat and Delhi and they bagged cash prizes of over INR 1 lakh. The objective of the ‘Wire Ka Fire Test’ campaign was to create awareness about RR Kabel’s FIREX LS0H wires, the fire-safety measures and to highlight the importance of taking precautions especially during a fire outbreak.

RR Kabel invited electricians across the country to test the fire resistance of various wires, including RR Kabel’s Fire LS0H wire. Electricians were asked to register on the RR connect app to participate in the contest and record a video of them conducting the “Wire Ka Fire Test”. Having burnt at least 4 different wires, RR Kabel’s Firex LS0H (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) wire resulted in a clear winner. LS0H wires are ideal for domestic applications, conduit wiring, fixed and protected installations. These cables are ideal for use in environments where high-performance, reliability and safety are the norms.

Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director, RR Kabel said, “Our objective is to educate electricians about RR Kabel’s Firex LSOH wires and how they can prevent any mishaps occurring due to a fire incident. It is not the fire that causes loss of life, rather the black toxic smoke emitted from the ordinary PVC wires. We encourage electricians and contractors to use quality wiring products to ensure the safety of their customers. Through this campaign, we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of fire-resistant wires that fight smartly against fire and our mission is to make LS0H wires mandatory, not just in commercial projects but also in residential. We were pleased with the participation that our ‘Wire ka Fire Test’ campaign received from electricians across the country and look forward to coming up with more of such initiatives.”

Launched during the festive season, the campaign has gained momentum across the country, electricians from across India participated in large numbers showing their support towards the campaign. Given the current scenario, it is crucial to highlight the importance of fire-resistant wires and how the safety of the customers should be given first priority. RR Kabel’s mission is to give the consumer the option to make a well-informed decision prior to purchase, which will, in turn, ensure safety.

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