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RupeeRedee, a new-age digital lending platform, has recently announced its collaboration with the Fintech Convergence Council (FCC) at the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the leading trade body representing the entire gamut of digital businesses in India. As a part of the FCC and IAMAI, RupeeRedee aims to harness the support of its diverse group members to provide customers with new and innovative products and facilities while playing an active role in the digital lending industry.

IAMAI’s Fintech Convergence Council influences collaborations and partnerships between the larger Financial Services Institutions across banking, payments, lending and insurance with its ecosystem and Fintech companies. As a part of the industry body, RupeeRedee aims to achieve twin targets of strengthening its lending portfolio and accelerating digital lending adoption in India. Additionally, the association with IAMAI will enable the digital lending platform to collaborate with multiple digital businesses to bolster its presence in India.

Delighted to join IAMAI’s Fintech Convergence Council, Artem Andreev, Country Head of RupeeRedee, said, “RupeeRedee is honoured and excited to join IAMAI and contribute our part in shaping the Digital Lending Industry for sustainable growth and development. RupeeRedee has been dedicated to the underserved category of the customers offering credits for all. We hope to further increase our lending business and launch new products with the best market practices and are committed to working with IAMAI on an innovation-led and progressive framework for Fintech with regulatory compliances.”

IAMAI is a committee of digital players like RupeeRedee, which represents digital businesses in India and schedules key events and webinars for networking and promoting best practices for the industry. RupeeRedee and IAMAI’s Fintech Convergence Council will jointly find solutions to encourage underserved and un-bankable customers to avail digital loans for instant money disbursal, frictionless transactions and financial inclusion.

Partnerships like these across the ecosystem will enable digital businesses like RupeeRedee to unlock the untapped market potential while addressing customer problems. As a part of the council and industry trade body, the digital lending platform envisions partnering with diverse digital players across the industries to innovate new products and services for customers. Additionally, the partnership will provide RupeeRedee with an opportunity to implement industry best practices for the benefit of the customers, business and ultimately, the lending industry.

Founded in 2018, RupeeRedee is a subsidiary of Digital Finance International and Finstar Group. Within a short period of time, the digital lending platform has strengthened its presence across more than 150 Indian cities. The tech-driven startup lends instant and pocket-size personal loans to customers with round-the-clock money disbursal, safe lending practices and a score of other financial services. The digital platform has witnessed rapid growth since the global pandemic and has disbursed over 800K loans across the country.

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