Editorial Team

Sanskriti University organized a seminar on Drug Repurposing and Applications of QSAR in Drug Discovery. The topic of the event was “Computational Repurposing of New Chemical Entities for the Discovery of Novel COVID-19 Inhibitors” Dr. Anshuman Dixit, P.hd Scientist-E, Institute of Life Sciences was the eminent speaker of the event.

During this, Dr. Anshuman Dixit described the regulatory and pharmacological aspects of drug repurposing, as well as pharmaceuticals that have been recommended for repurposing in COVID-19 based on registered clinical trials, and discussed the evidence for their use in the treatment of this condition. He also went over SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors, as well as the latest findings and development of computational approaches for discovering protein inhibitors against COVID-19.

Speaking on this, Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskriti University said, “Computational approaches including drug repurposing provide a realistic option for selecting a treatment from a list of approved pharmaceuticals for a variety of disorders, including COVID-19. Drug repurposing or repositioning represents a hopeful approach during which existing drugs are often remodeled and employed to treat newer diseases.”

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