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As an artist who’s extensively worked with some of the biggest brands, philanthropic endeavours and some of the most interesting names in the music business including Raftaar, Seedhe Maut, Ikka, Gully Gang, to name a few- it’s only fitting that this milestone NFT drop by Santanu is an art piece with the pop electronic sensation, Ritviz.

Having designed a large part of Ritviz’s initial musical identity, including the artworks for his last few singles, the two artists are coming together to kick off a new spin on collaborations. Following this, Santanu will be collaborating with a host of other musicians over the next few months to drop more NFTs on the platform, adding his own signature flavour to this new age way of interacting with art. Redefining how artists look at collaborations and using the idea of NFTs as a brand new medium, this drop also makes Santanu one of the first few visual artists in the country to use NFTs as a way to collaborate with artists from a whole different genre.

But the most revolutionary aspect of this drop, is that Santanu and Ritviz will be staying true to their Indie roots. Santanu’s focus over the last year has been to create art that either provides comfort in the time of the pandemic, or is a visceral representation of the real on ground situation in the country. So it’s natural that even with this artwork, he’s choosing to first make art accessible to fans who follow him or Ritviz. Opening up the doors to a new world of art consumption, the artists are choosing to make their fans their collectors, and to challenge the rules of the NFT game. Santanu & Ritviz are looking to disrupt the way the NFT market looks at celebrating art and artists, by creating a digital asset which rests permanently on the blockchain that preserves the rights of every artist to claim their royalty for every sale that happens in the digital world.

“The global NFT market is slowly becoming a crucial promotional tool for all artists to monetize their work and uniquely engage with their community of collectors and fans who value art. The WazirX NFT Marketplace functions as a social network for artists and fans of art, providing an avenue for interaction. With NFTs artists are now open to working with anyone — anywhere” Santanu Hazarika

“We are opening the Music NFT creator category on the WazirX NFT platform. Music creators can now apply to be selected for the official unveiling of the category on the 1st of July. Musicians can finally leverage our platform to engage with their community in creative new ways. We are very excited to have Shantanu as a Spotlight Artist on the WazirX NFT Marketplace. With his art and music collaboration, he has introduced a new use case on our platform.” – Vishakha Singh is VP, Advisor, WazirX NFT Marketplace

The first NFT drops on 21.06.2021, and over the next few months, keep your ear to the ground, or rather your eyes on the screen, for surprise drops from Santanu Hazarika, in partnership with collaborators from across the indie music industry.

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