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Are you someone who loves wearing sarees and wants to add more color and prints to your wardrobe? The Haelli, a Gurugram-based fashion label, has some very quirky options for you on budget. The fashion label, started by Ms. Neha Sahu, launched its new collection – ‘Saree on budget.’ The brand has an n-number of options for the women who love wearing sarees in this collection.

Starting at just Rs 1999/- these sarees are nothing but candy to the eyes. There are different colors, prints, and fabrics – to make your wardrobe versatile. An exciting add-on to this collection is the ‘brooch’ that team The Haelli has managed to add to every saree. All these factors combined will help you stand out in the crowd.

Initiated as a passion for art and Indian culture, The Haelli has become a leading fashion name for women in India.

To check the new collection, you can visit https://thehaelli.com/products/saree-on-budget.

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