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18 early-stage start-ups across sectors such as FMCG, technology, finance etc. have raised a funding of around Rs. 2 crores from Sat Industries Limited (SIL), a BSE listed company engaged in various business sectors.

During the last quarter, Sat has invested an average cheque size of Rs. 11 Lakhs each in Raskik (FMCG), Healthy Barks (FMCG), BotSync (Robotics), Ethereal Machine (Tech), Broomees (Consumer), Castler (Fintech), Wizzy (Tech), CarterX (Logitech), Pension Box (Fintech), Red Basil (Food-Tech), PinBox (Fintech), Devnagri (Tech), Prescinto (Tech), Celsius (Cold Chain Logitech), Pick My Work (HR-Tech), Fleek (Tech), and Flickstree (Consumer)

Sat has also invested in angel funds and VC funds such as 9Unicorn, India Quotient, BlinC Invest, Artha, Z Nation Growth Fund and Beams Fintech Fund. These funds in turn invest their corpus in various start-ups.

“Sat invests in seed stage and early-stage start-ups which have innovative business models and high potential for scaling by using new age disruptive technology. We aim to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and provide fuel for the growth of young innovative companies” said Mr. Asad Daud, Promoter Director of the company”.

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