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The Sepsis Forum of India (SFI) organized a first of its kind conclave on Sepsis, which had attendance from across India and the world, on October 24 and 25 to discuss the various advances in the treatment of Sepsis. Cadila Pharmaceuticals was the academic and technical partner of Sepsicon.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body’s response to an infection. The body normally releases chemicals into the bloodstream to fight infection. However, Sepsis occurs when the response to the chemicals is out of balance and triggers changes that can damage multiple organ systems.

The two-day Sepsicon saw globally acclaimed faculty from India and other countries sharing their experiences and learnings. Expert doctors made close to 20 presentations related to Sepsis during the two days.

The presentations covered topics such as Sepsis in 2020: How the ICU world has changed, Sepsis in India: What did Indicaps show, Post-Covid Sepsis, Septic Encephalopathy, Recent advances in molecular diagnosis of Sepsis, Fluid changes in Sepsis, Vasoactive drugs in Sepsis, Sepsivac as an enviable immuno-modulator in management of Sepsis, and Future of Sepsis therapy, among others. Each presentation was followed by a detailed Q&A session.

In his remarks, SFI’s President Dr Yatin Metha said: “SFI as an academic forum is committed in its endeavour to propagate more science and clinical experiences on a periodic basis with respect to subjects related to the management of Sepsis.”

Dr Kapil Zirpe – Secretary of SFI emphasized that as per 2017 data, there were an estimated 48.9 million cases and 11 million Sepsis-related deaths worldwide. “According to a study, the incidence of severe sepsis is 30.6%, and the mortality rate is 51.6%. It is essential to promote an improved understanding of Sepsis to all stakeholders, and educating clinicians on various aspects of its management,” Dr Zirpe said in his presentation.

In his presentation, SFI Treasurer and Sepsicon’s Organizing Secretary Dr Subhal Dixit shared, “Sepsis accounts for 6-30% of all ICU admissions in India. The prevalence of severe Sepsis was 28.3%, out of which 20.5% were ICU acquired. Sepsivac as a novel immuno-modulator has come forth as an enviable alternative to significantly reduce SOFA score, days on ventilation and overall recovery period in patients who get admitted in ICU due to gram –ve sepsis.”

Mr. O.P. Singh, President – Sales and Marketing, Cadila Pharmaceuticals shared his vision for Sepsicon, “Sepsicon was one of its kind Sepsis conclave aimed towards raising awareness about the rising challenges in Sepsis. With global leaders and academicians participating in this conclave, we hope to bring everyone together on one platform and find an innovative solution for this disease to reduce its burden on the healthcare industry. I am thankful to Sepsis Forum of India for their contribution and with every year, we hope to engage more and more professionals from across the world.”

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