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She Loves Data, an award-winning non-profit organization focusing on addressing gender imbalance within the data and technology sector, announced the launch of its first ever chapter in India.

Noted for successful programs that fulfill their 3-point agenda of bridging: the tech and data skills gap, or competence gap, the confidence gap and (gender equality in) leadership gap, the 18,000-strong global community aims to enable more women in South Asia to become active and successful contributors in a data-driven world.

She Loves Data’s entry into India is timely. Data from the World Bank shows the country as having one of the highest number of female graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the world at 43%.  Despite this, Statista reports that Indian women’s employability and participation in the workforce has actually dipped in 2022, compared to men.

“We are excited to help the women of India co-drive the new economy, by providing them free technical skills training and other opportunities to build their careers in tech and data,” said Jana Marle-Zizkova, CEO and Co-founder, She Loves Data.

She added, “Today, it is not enough to just have the right data skills.  At She Loves Data we close the loop by helping women improve their employability, also offering free programs that help them conquer their imposter syndrome and develop leadership skills that have become even more essential in our new paradigm of work.  These, plus our certification programs for data and marketing skills, our hiring-focused events and partnerships with the world’s key technology players, are just some of the things that allow us to truly make an impact in women’s careers and lives.”

The organization, which won the ‘Diversity Initiative of the Year’ at the 2019 Women in IT-Asia awards, has already established 18 local chapters across the world.

She Loves Data’s India Chapter launch took place online on 8th May 2022, with the theme It Starts With You: Accelerate Your Growth With Data.  The event highlighted the mission and vision of She Loves Data, its free workshops and training programs, learning curricula and pathways. It is also a platform to network and meet like-minded professionals. To learn more and register, click here.

“DataStax is honoured to be part of a community that advocates inclusion and actively helps with closing the gender gap. For our first collaboration with She Loves Data we are thrilled to make available free training and certification on AstraDB, a cloud native database-as-a-service, to the She Loves Data community, starting on 28th May 2022. Learning NoSQL is no longer optional for anyone who wants to build hyper-growth applications” said Alan Ho, VP of International Marketing at DataStax and global She Loves Data Ambassador.

The She Loves Data community advocates inclusion of everyone who actively helps with closing the gender gap. For more information, visit She Loves Data at https://www.shelovesdata.com/.

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