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For someone active on social media spending hours scrolling through millions of reels, it is impossible not to have watched Kaamwali Bai’s short videos. Popularly known as Sheela didi, Kaamwali Bai’s content is one of the most watched videos on YouTube. All thanks to Armoks Media’s YouTube channel, Shorts Break, which has made this nascent character a household name within just four months. On the back of clean comedy content that easily resonates with the masses, high-quality material and excellent production value, Shorts Break has garnered 6.5 billion views and 10+ million subscribers within a span of just four months.

Developed by a small independent Pune-based video production company, Shorts Break has knocked several large global production houses to get ranked number one, according to SocialBlade Ranking. Under the Shorts Break YouTube channel banner, every video featuring the Kaamwali Bai character has obtained 100s of millions of views. Furthermore, the first episode of Kaamwali Bai’s long-video format web series ongoing on Shorts Break’s sister YouTube channel, Take A Break, has garnered 2 million views within just two days. In fact, it is currently the number three trending entertainment content on YouTube.

Arun Prabhudesai, Founder, Armoks Media, said, “We are absolutely elated and humbled with these stunning results! 6.5 billion views from 10 million subscribers in 4 months is something which is out of the world. When we started the Shorts Break channel, our only objective was to present the most honest, creative content and delight our fans. Feel proud to state that we are on the right track!”

Pratik Thakur, Executive Producer, Armoks Media said, “We left no stone unturned to ensure the best production value for our videos and went out of the way to bring in the best talent, best stories, and the best emotions. Within 4 months, we have surpassed some of the biggest, mightier production houses, which is the testimony of our passion and hard work. Big congratulations to the entire team!”

It is pertinent to note, Armoks Media has ventured into multiple genres, including tech, auto, entertainment, experiments and regional niches. Its first YouTube channel, Trakin Tech, primarily focuses on tech content. While initially, they used to churn out content in English. However, over time, they have switched to the Hindi language to connect with regional audiences. Today, Trakin Tech continues to gain at least 3000 subscribers every day. At present, Trakin Tech has 12 million subscribers. It is one of the prime contenders to become India’s fastest-growing tech channel in Hindi and, globally, the biggest, most subscribed and viewed channel. As of now, Armoks Media is working strenuously to expand its horizons and will soon announce new projects and stories.

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