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Addressing the demand for best-in-class sleep accessories, Sleepsia, a manufacturer-to-consumer (M2C) brand, has announced a new manufacturing facility in Manesar, Gurugram. This latest development is in alignment with Sleepsia’s growth plans after securing a USD 2 million investment from its parent company Agile Ventures.

The new manufacturing facility will primarily cater to Sleepsia’s latest plans to launch a new range of products. This includes pregnancy pillows, couple pillows, baby pillows, baby memory foam pillows, car pillows, chair pillows, comforters, and high-quality microfiber bed sheets.

The latest expansion of establishing its exclusive production capacity has been announced on the heels of the strong last quarter growth of the company. Sleepsia is investing in production facilities and cutting-edge machinery to further propel this growth and scale operations.

In the initial stage, Sleepsia plans to hire 10 production workers for its new manufacturing plant. It comprises a 1900 square meter assembly area and several acres designated for product storage and packaging. The plant will be initially set up to carry out production and packaging, but later it will also serve as a warehousing location. The machinery is expected to function at a full-scale capacity from April 15 onwards.

“This new location allows us to better align our services with our customer’s demands in a rapidly changing packaging landscape,” says Dheeraj Kapoor, Director of Sleepsia.

“Through strategic production initiatives like these, Sleepsia strives to remain at the forefront of the bedding industry by providing outstanding customer service for both current and prospective partners”, he added.

Sleepsia acknowledges that India had been largely unexplored in the sleep space compared to the western countries. The brand aims to make the most of it by providing groundbreaking sleeping accessories that will completely revamp the way India sleeps.

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