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Smarten, one of India’s leading manufacturers of power-backup products, has today announced the launch of a high-capacity Solar PCU SUPERB MPPT 3050. Priced at Rs 19,999, the new solar PCU is one of the most advanced solar off-grid MPPT PCUs in the Indian market.

Smarten’s solar PCU is developed with cutting-edge technology that delivers an uninterrupted power supply. It is packed with a 50-amp charge controller, which is now an absolute necessity in times of increased battery-fire accidents. This regulator allows the users to know if the batteries are being charged correctly and avoid issues such as overheating and explosions.

This 2400W solar PCU is designed for commercial space and is built to run 1 tonne of 4-star and 5-star air conditioners.  The solar PCU also has an advanced priority feature that allows users to choose between solar, batteries, or grid power.

Commenting on the same, Rajnish Sharma, CEO & Director, Smarten, says, “The introduction of the Smarten SUPERB MPPT 3050 solar PCU is a part of our continuous effort to stay at the forefront of technology and product innovation. The PCU provides the best possible performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. The product offers advanced features such as Smart Solar Optimization usage settings, grid-charging disable option, etc. This Solar PCU has been developed keeping in mind the needs of customers who want to use solar energy as an alternate source of power”.

Equipped with sine-wave technology and packed with consumer-centric features, the Smarten MPPT 3050 aims to play a major part in turning away from conventional energy sources.

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