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Smarten, one of India’s leading power-backup product manufacturers, has announced its milestone by installing more than 3 megawatt of projects in Punjab, Haryana and parts of Uttarpradesh by June 2022, marking its presence in India’s institutional sector. The company aims to create awareness among the public, students and the working professionals in the region. The deployment will benefit institutions save on their electricity bills, contribute towards the environment & spread awareness.

The company with its highest material and MPPT technology claims to convert solar energy even from the first rays of the sun resulting in maximum utilization and is beneficial in the rainy season as well. Smarten’s Solar Panels are completely immune to India’s extreme heat, cold, dust and heavy fall. Irrespective of the weather, the company claims these to serve reliably for 24 years or more.

The company has seen an uptake in its 2.5 KVA Superb MPPT 3050 inverter for their efficiency and latest technology across geographies. The Superb series bifacial panels use mono PERC solar cells. Smarten estimates its overall institutional installations have the potential to reduce lakhs of tonnes of carbon footprint considering the PV panels’ lifetime at 24+ years.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Rajnish Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, Smarten Power Systems, says

“We are excited to share our ambitions to enter the institutional sector, since educating people about green energy should begin with illustrations of its use in the real world. Considering the current situation and  climate changes, it is crucial that we accelerate the adoption of green energy, reducing our reliance on conventional sources.

Also, Power-cuts are a common thing in rural India but I firmly believe that great minds should not face darkness. These Power back-up systems installed in institutions will help us both tackle the power-cuts and go-green on energy consumption.”

Smarten power systems, an emerging solar technology firm under Govt. of India’s Start Up India initiative, has deployed institutional solar solutions for over 30 Megawatt units to its customers.  The company believes that educating people about the benefits of solar energy for electrification will bring a shift towards sustainable development, welfare and reduction of poverty. Also the company is giving extra benefits on direct association with Smarten for the installation of these power backup products.

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