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Sqrrl, a savings and investment app, has partnered with ICICI Bank to provide goal-based investments platform for ‘ICICI Bank Mine’, the country’s first comprehensive banking programme for millennial customers.

Under this partnership, the investment platform of Sqrrl is integrated with ICICI Bank’s mobile app, ‘iMobile’. With this, the millennial customers of the Bank gain seamless access to various goal-based investment offerings by Sqrrl, from within the ‘iMobile’ app itself. Sqrrl’s expertise lies in providing the most suitable mutual funds options based on the goal amount and duration. Sqrrl’s mutual fund investing platform is one of the few online mutual fund investment apps that has built onboarding, transaction processing, recommendation engine and payments integrations, all in-house.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Samant Sikka, Founder, Sqrrl said, “Our focus to offer smooth investment experience to the millennial customers made Sqrrl an ideal first platform partner for ‘ICICI Bank Mine’. We believe that goal-based investing is the first step for young Indians to enter into the world of mutual fund investments. Through the Bank’s iMobile app, we will help customers make their investments with clearly defined goals. Partnering with India’s most trusted bank, ICICI Bank, for our first venture into the B2B space is a big testament to our innovative product thinking and execution capabilities.”

Mr. Sudipta Roy, Head- unsecured Assets, ICICI Bank said in a statement, “Our newly launched millennial banking stack, ‘ICICI Bank Mine’ adopts a platform approach where fintech can integrate to offer financial solutions for millennial customers. Sqrrl is the first partner to integrate with the stack. We are delighted to have them on board. The integration of Sqrrl’s investment platform with our mobile application, iMobile, enables millennial customers to invest easily and save for their goals in a simple, tech-savvy way, from within iMobile itself.”

Sqrrl has been working for over four years to offer a simple yet ingenious platform suited for young investors to embark on their respective financial journeys. Its focus has been to drive young investors to choose on the basis of their life goals instead of the market trends. Sqrrl’s platform is a full stack offering personless-paperless onboarding, payments, recommendation engine which has been built modularly to offer a plug and play experience for B-B-C integrations, making it an ideal enterprise fintech partner for banks, NBFCs and other platforms who may want to expand their scope of their offering by enabling cutting edge savings and investments solutions to the new age digital customers. This is their first big partnership with the ICICI Bank to have gone live and there are few more which are under integration and should be going live shortly.

About Sqrrl: Sqrrl is a personal finance brand aimed at helping users realise their dreams and goals, by investing in top performing mutual funds. It uses advanced technologies like cognitive computing to recommend customised investment plans based on a user’s investment needs, risk horizons and goals. Further, it has a unique feature that helps users to micro save, by rounding up their left over amount during their spending, to the next 100 or 500, making it extremely convenient for the young generation to save while they spend. The app is available on both Android and Apple.

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