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Stratbeans, a leading eLearning solutions provider, is celebrating this Diwali uniquely. The company is raising a toast to the support system of its team members – their Families, who made work from home successful with their continued support in all forms. The company is celebrating this Diwali by valuing this most precious bond with the mantra “Families that work together, stay together, celebrate together!”

With COVID-19 upending how companies worked, there has been a significant yet underrated role of family members in making WFH possible. However, Stratbeans has taken an initiative to celebrate this Diwali with their extended families. The company delivered a photo frame with a family picture to all respective team members along with a hamper to be relished by the members of the family be it the parents, siblings, spouse, or children.

Commenting on the same, Dr S.K Nigam, HR Director, Stratbeans stated “Even during the pandemic, I am proud to say that our people have worked remarkably. As any other festival this year, Diwali is also being celebrated differently as everyone has been operating from home. However, we have tried to make this Diwali as eventful and joyous for our people as it would have been in our office premise. This year has given us an opportunity to expand our family by connecting to those who have been a constant support for us throughout and therefore we have tried to make this Diwali extra special for them.”
The company is conducting a virtual session on the 13th November this year, and looking forward to having the team members families participate through the Video Conference, that will increase the feeling of camaraderie and bonding.

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