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Gurgaon-based SustVest, a sustainable Investment platform that allows retail investors to invest in fractional ownership of renewable energy projects like solar or EV, recently raised a fund of $160,000 USD from Angel Investors. The funding was led by Paurush Sonkar, Founder & CEO, Stallions Capital, Balaji Vaidyanathan, and Sandeep Shetty, Seasoned Early stage investors.

The investment shall be utilized for product development; marketing and enhancing the brand in the market which will further allow the brand to provide the best in class sustainable platform in the Indian region

Established in 2018 by 22-year-old BITS Pilani alumnus Hardik Bhatia, Sustvest is an investment platform that allows investors to invest in fractional ownership of clean energy assets like Solar or EVs with a ticket size as low as ₹5000, compared to other companies where the minimum ticket size is as high as 1 cr for commercial solar projects. The investors can enjoy up to 15% per annum return from the income generated by the project. Investors shall hold digital ownership of these solar / EV assets, which are then leased to consumers who pay monthly rental, which is distributed proportionally to investors of the projects

SustVest provides access to pre-vetted deals and brings 1000s of investors together to fund a project which is leased to electricity consumers who pay monthly installments to use the electricity generated. SustVest already has $3 Million worth of clean energy projects in the pipeline and over 800 investors have signed up.

Commenting on this announcement, Hardik Bhatia, Co-founder, SustVest said “We have introduced an alternate investment platform that will not only provide the high returns and low risks to investors but will also positively impact the environment.  Today, the investors are betting on renewables and investing via green stocks like Adani green, etc. This is not a direct investment but they are investing in a company that sets up solar projects. The returns for the investors then depend on the company’s performance and speculation that determines the company’s stock price. At SustVest we are offering the opportunity to invest directly into the asset, which generates predictable returns and is immune to speculation. Investing through SustVest  generates better returns than debt, mutual funds, and FDs.”

“We have a robust expansion strategy in the pipeline and this investment will play a prominent role to make green investing affordable and accessible. In the next 6 months, we aim to onboard over 5000 Investors and have over 10Cr worth of Assets under management. We will be introducing new assets like greenhouses, small hydro and wind projects as we move.” he added.,

“The Indian Investor has a plethora of investment options to choose from, especially in recent times. However, considering that the majority of Indian investors have always relied on low-risk low returns investments such as fixed deposits, postal savings, etc considering their risk-averse nature, the market potential within India is immense. SustVest allows investors to taste a completely new asset class & that too with a green eco-friendly twist to it. I am confident that it is a matter of time before Indian Investors warm up to this asset class & SustVest becomes the go-to platform of choice” said Paurush Sonkar, Founder & CEO, Stallions Capital.

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