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Addressing the global concern over health and hygiene, especially, for women, at large-scale events, personal hygiene brand, SVISH, has curated an innovative new campaign #SvishPowtyZone by plenty of millennials who have seemingly loved the experience of relieving themselves in a Hygienic sPOT.

Touted to be the hygienic sPOTs around you, the luxurious toilets will be replete with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, toilet seat disinfectant sprays, and more. Ishan Grover and Jaideep Mahajan, the men behind the unique and fast-growing hygiene brand, have pulled out all stops to ensure that you don’t have to ever stop yourself from addressing nature’s call.

With this first-of-its-kind plan in action, music patrons, dance enthusiasts, and those in the mood for some out-of-home entertainment and chilling can bid farewell to dirty smelly toilets at outdoor, large-scale venues with massive footfalls. The #SvishPowtyZones offer sanitised toilets, hand sanitising corners, and interestingly-curated, hygienic selfie spots – giving a fresh spin to #OUTOFHOMEhygiene, especially for the ladies. A specially trained and enabled Commode Squad has been deployed by SVISH to maintain the hygiene and sanitization levels in the toilets throughout an event.

Elaborating on the idea behind the initiative, Jaideep Mahajan says, “Our aim is to make personal hygiene a habit for millennials. For that, we have to go where our customers want to go. We’ve all experienced unsafe, unhygienic, and unsanitized toilets at such events. They are off-putting and unwanted distractions, to say the least. A lot of thought has gone into pushing the envelope to change that experience. Our toilets might just distract people, but in a good way.”

Ishan Grover adds, “We believe that SVISH is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. When our customers think of us, they think of personal hygiene. SVISH is the act of sanitising, and we stand for serving customers who are on the go.”

In the first move of sorts, two Indians have found a way to ensure that millennials have a prem Katha with their toilets, on the go. Ek baar jaaoge, baar baar jaaoge! Going to a loo no longer remains a low-key affair. To P or not to P is not your worry. SVISH, have you covered at all times.

Raising a toast to India’s most hygienic, sanitised, and innovative loos, SVISH believes that when you party hard this season, you can also powty harder, if you’re ready to put the seat up for it.

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