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TagZ Foods, a healthy snacking brand, aims to craft some lip-smacking, innovative and fitter snacking experiences for the urban GenZ consumers. It is the first brand in India to manufacture popped potato chips with 50% less fat.

Founded by Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia, TagZ Foods uses cutting-edge food technology to make these potato chips which have no cholesterol, no transfat, no artificial colors, no gluten or preservatives.

The brand is excited to launch its new innovative flavour Beer N Barbeque for the upmarket beer and alcobev consumers. TagZ’s Popped potato chips in Beer N Barbeque flavor is arguably India’s Fittest Bar Snack with 50% less fat.

Also, TagZ Foods reaffirmed its commitment to the environment by partnering up with The Disposal Company and pledging to go completely plastic neutral. TagZ has committed to the cause of Plastic neutrality and shall be recycling the same amount of plastic they generate every year.

Speaking on the occasion, Anish Basu Roy – TagZ Foods, said, “Our mission is to bring global innovation in food-tech for the Indian GenZ consumers, with lip smacking and better-for-you snacking experiences. We also wish to help our younger generation lead a more active life and be more environment conscious. Hence, we are announcing a partnership with The Disposable Company and pledging to go Plastic Neutral. We shall also very shortly launch our popped potato chips with 50% less fat in Reusable Canisters.

Also, our new product Beer n Barbeque flavoured Popped Potato Chips is India’s Fittest Bar Snack. Beer lovers in India have missed a premium bar snack option thus far. They will certainly fall in love with the explosive aftertaste of our new product.”

TagZ plans to gradually move away from single-use plastic soon and will be coming up with reusable canisters as a big step towards completely moving away from single use plastic. TagZ Foods hopes to pioneer #SustainableSnacking in India and to help an entire generation eat fitter and leave the planet better than they found it.

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