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Cable and other products manufactured by TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, are playing a vital role in the operation of the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest and most powerful space telescope that recently began exploring the farthest reaches of the universe.

TE’s Raychem SPEC 55 military grade cable, fluoropolymer heat shrink tubing and solder sleeve devices were used as the connectivity components of the telescope’s Fine Guidance Sensor). This device plays a crucial role in precisely positioning and locking the telescope’s mirrors on distant targets to capture images during scientific observations. All TE products were selected after extensive scientific testing for durability and reliability in in the extreme conditions of outer space.

“Our key mission was to ensure that our components could withstand the extreme environment of outer space. This project is a testament to the dedication we have to our customers and how we work with them to co-create innovative products and solutions across varied industries,” said Ron Port, President and General Manager of TE’s aerospace, defense and marine business. “As the world ushers in a new era of scientific space exploration enabled by the James Webb Telescope, our team is proud of the part we have played in making this dream a reality.”

On July 12, NASA released the first official images captured by the James Webb Telescope, the most powerful space telescope ever built which is capable of exploring distant galaxies — billions of light-years away —providing new insights into the early history of our universe.

“This is indeed a jubilant moment for all of us at TE Connectivity India. Our broad portfolio of connectors, sensors and cables coupled with our vast experience in aerospace applications makes us an industry leader in creating advanced products for extreme space environments,” said Vishwanath S, General Manager, TE Connectivity, India.

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