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The Biryani house, India’s fastest upcoming delivery outlet platform which serves India’s largest variety of delicious dum biryanis apart from melting in mouth kebabs & curries launches its biryani roll for the first time ever in Mughlai cuisine which is a complete meal on the go.

The Roll is a fusion of Indian food ingredients and Western ingredients like jalapeno pepper, mozzarella cheese and beloved dum biryani and comes in a price range of Rs. 150/-. With over 1 year of R&D done by the TBH team, the biryani has come into a roll with a desired crispness outside and melting in mouth biryani inside.

The demand for something good to eat which should be served in a quick time has made us step in the QSR model i.e., bringing Mughlai into the QSR model. The Biryani roll is a complete meal on the go which brings biryani in the fast-food sector and it will cater to the majority of the customers who want healthy food in the quickest possible time.” said Sarvesh Chaubey, Chairman – The Biryani House.

“In my 20 years of experience, I have never seen such a combo product. I have worked in many countries in the food industry but this product which we developed with our team is a perfect Indian roll which completes a meal.” added Vivek Bhuinjkar, Executive Chef – The Biryani House.

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