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The Design Village creates a unique tradition of celebrating the “Art of Process Design” with the theme of innovation and ingenuity. The making of the tablet is a unique step by step process which has been designed by the mentors and students at the design village to be able to create fine lettering on clay. The mentor and facilitator elaborate to the students about the process and the challenges faced, while creating these artifacts, and how the challenge was solved.

As an annual tradition to create graduation mementos for outgoing batches, these clay tiles are presented to the graduating batch of students, to live on as distinct testaments of their journey displaying their credentials as well as their life lived at the institution.

Mohan Kumar Verma, mentor and facilitator at The Design Village, said “This process of creating these artefacts has often been laborious, with several stages of trial and error to get the desired precision and quality. The crux of the problem is the occurrence of warpage, cracks or air bubbles in the materials.” This process was executed in collaboration with facilities around NCR.

Mohan Kumar Verma, the faculty member working on this project solved the existing limitations by designing a new contraption, by repurposing used gym equipment. This new tile pressing contraption has been a moment of innovation for The Design Village.

These were some of many occasions where individuals come together for a common vision and brave the odds to get the nearly impossible done.

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