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Design graduates of The Design village (TDV) are paving the way for unique and interesting career options by landing impressive roles in a variety of sectors. Positions like Design Consultant, UX/UI Manager, Design manager, Branding and Communication Designer are making their presence felt in big brands. The design Village (TDV) students have been offered annual packages of up to INR 13 lakhs. Organisations such as Deloitte, telecom company JIO India, Masque, Araku Coffee, Slow Studio, Bare Anatomy and many more are where these minds are finding their space.

Akarsh Goyal, Graduate of The Design Village, designed Bollywood’s first ever premium promotional NFTs for the movie Jhund, featuring Amitabh Bachchan, released in March 2022. Among other graduates from this institute are Vanshika Mehta (UG’21) who was hired as design consultant and Associate Manager at Deloitte, Gatim Sachdeva (UG’21) as Assistant UX/UI Manager at telecom company JIO India, Archit Dhiman (UG’21) as Design executive at India’s Best restaurant, Masque, Mumbai, Pradeep Singh (UG’21) as Branding and Communication Designer for Sustainable Gourmet cafe Araku Coffee, Anshika Saini (UG’21) as Textile & Fashion Designer at Slow Studio, Nikhil Karamchandani (UG’21) as Design Partner at Homelane and Khushboo Kumari (PG’20) as Multidisciplinary Designer at Iamkhaadi Foundation.

Anusha Dhawan, Taskbox Mentor and Facilitator at The Design Village said ” TDV’s diversity of multidisciplinary graduates is here to cater to the core needs of the industry in a twofold manner- while our graduates align with what the industry systems need currently they are also here to adapt to the future needs of the industry – a designer and changemaker that can adapt and foresee the desires and complexities of the time to come.”

Apart from landing such jobs, many The Design Village graduates choose to be design entrepreneurs in diverse fields.

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