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The Esports ClubⓇ, One of India’s leading Esports platforms based in Bangalore, today announced a first of its kind partnership with SIX5SIX Sport, a premium sportswear brand.

The unique partnership comes as part of the LG Ultragear TEC Gauntlet, India’s largest Valorant esports event with a prize pool of INR 52 Lakhs, currently in it’s second season.

Both The Esports Club (TEC) and SIX5SIX share a community driven approach to business. This exclusive partnership will provide teams with a first of it’s kind revenue share opportunity through the sale of official TEC Gauntlet merchandise with all TEC profits being directed towards the participating teams.

During checkout fans will be able to enter a special promo code corresponding to their favourite team in the LG Ultragear TEC Gauntlet; Doing so will not only give them a 5% discount but the entire TEC margin from that sale will be credited to their favourite team!

Speaking about their latest campaign, Ishaan Arya, Co-founder, The Esports Club said, “Our aim has always been to not only innovate, but change the way esports is conducted in India. Our partnership with SIX5SIX Sport is a big step for us in bringing teams and organizers closer as joint stakeholders in the ecosystem and helping create more value and revenue for teams and players”.

Commenting on their partnership, Ambar Aneja, CEO, SIX5SIX, “Esports has seen a rapid growth as an industry over the last few years globally, and in the Indian subcontinent as well. The industry presents a fantastic gateway for SIX5SIX to further ingrain our brand values deeply into the fabric of today’s youth in an arena of shared passion. We have been increasingly keen to align with the right IP in esports for some time now, and we are thrilled to announce this partnership with an ambitious partner like TEC. We will be looking forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate with TEC and presenting exciting offerings for both our fans.”

Mansoor ‘Nabu’ Ahmed’, Director of Esports, The Esports Club, speaking on helping teams generate revenue through events and partnerships , “Our job isn’t to just create fantastic esports IP’s. We’re here to drive value to the entire ecosystem and enabling teams to generate revenue beyond just prize money is a big step towards helping the esports ecosystem thrive and grow. ”

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